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Mangalarga Marchador

Luiz Carlos Palma
(only son of 'Lieutenant')

“(…) Broad steps, within a compass, like soft music, and willing to go far away. It had a smooth hair, despite its saddle. The sun of the Republic Capital would shine through ... At first, the horseback rider Angelo, would dominate the dressage and would promenade with Palhaço horse in 1936, in Rio de Janeiro. The lieutenant asked the coronel to let it be shipped...

Thus, the shipment was a little discreet . It was along SP and MG railway, Mogiana to Guará. So, the horse was taken to its bay. The lieutenant and Angelo stayed in a hotel, and after waiting 4 days ,they took a long shower and a long 4- hour nap. Arsenio Agnesini, the doctor of academic medicine, knocked at his door. The land was distant , and there were effusive hugs. So they gathered at Café Colombo. Around 6 o clock am, Angelo Lúcio was already taking care of “Palhaço”. The Liuetenant got there 5 minutes later, because he was paying the driver at the square. He was making some deals..

The nice and good “Palhaço” despite having a phenotypic and heavy head, was classified by its origin then. The Junqueiras, family I don´t know who, at that time, awarded a bad horse.

The 57 Locomotive whistled after going up the hill, and there were many people at the Station of Altinópolis to welcome “Palhaço”. The land was near and there were lots of effusive hugs.

My father the lieutenant, passed away when I was 2 months old, in November, 1940. “Palhaço” died of old age when I was 8 years old – Juca Lourenço my mother´s father, I mean my grandfather , who was the owner of Bela Vista farm, wished to bury in a well made-cave, one of lieutenant spurs. The other spur I haven’t used on “Carnaval”, my horse, son of “Valsa” and “Fidalgo”, which almost a century has been keeping the same soft step like music and willing to go far away… Marching.

I am not a horse breeder, but the passion was born with me. A person who raises horses needs to have a particular identified personality and I haven´t developed it yet. I like to drink beer and talk about foolish things.(…)"

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